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YouGene is an intelligent
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YouGene is an easy-to-use Genetic Brain Profiling (GBP) tool for HR success

YouGene specializes in using Genetic Brain Organization Profiling to accurately predict preferred occupational behavior of individuals in either an existing role or a potential new appointment. Companies are continuously faced with management related decisions concerning strategy to improve productivity, procurement, contingency planning, promotion training & development.

YouGene is a tool that specializes in using Genetic Profiling to predetermine what the true scores of a person on a psycho-metric assessment should be. For this purpose, YouGene also makes a distinction between genetic and functional assessments. The Genetic Brain Organisational Prole of an individual determines how the candidate will prefer to function, under both normal and stressful situations.

YouGene is the only tool in the world that assesses all five modalities (brain, hand, eye, ear and foot) to create a comprehensive GBP based on physical dominance. The test is completely physiological, making it effective across the world as it does not rely on IQ or level of education. It is NOT a preference or personality test, it is a genetic profile that is more accurate than both. YouGene generates a full GBP following a quick 5-minute online Q & A session.


Genetic Brain Profile

Allows you plus 5 others to be assessed by YouGene and receive Full Genetic Brain Profiles (Full 18-page report)

Add in additional profiles for R300.00 each.

Staff Recruitment

Recruiting new people has always been a tedious and often costly exercise. You can instantly assess new recruits by inviting them to do a GBP. This gives you a better understanding on whether someone would be suited to a job, in less time than it takes to schedule an interview.

Staff Management

CFO: "What happens if we train
          them and they leave?"
CEO: "What happens if we don't and
          they stay?"

Maximize staff potential through their personal development.
You can now play an integral role in upliftment, empowerment and general positivity of staff through continual skills and developmental support.

Career matching

Our career matching feature is unique in the sense that it is able to match profiled individuals to over 1 000 careers.

This is an essential feature when used in conjunction with staff management and recruitment.

Company Heirarchy

This feature allows you to see an overview of your company structure as well as having all employees’ listed on the company hierarchy in one place.


You will not just be able to profile employees. You will receive information on how to better manage employees based on their specific profiles, increasing the quality of management and forging a more efficient workplace. Employees that have done their profiles will also receive empowering information which allows them to build on themselves and their profiles creating an optimized working environment.

Mobile app

You and all other profiled employees will have your own personalised YouGene App which will focus on profile-specific information regarding the individual’s relationship with people, thinking styles and emotions. The YouGene App will also assist in personal development which will affect your company’s overall performance.

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What makes YouGene different?

There are countless tests all over the world with varying levels of accuracy; it can range from a horoscope, which is about 10% accurate to a basic personality or IQ test, which can peak at around 80%. The YouGene GBP is 90% accurate.

YouGene is unique in that the assessment is not based on variables such as mood, level of education or intelligence. It is based on physical dominance of the hand, foot, brain, eye and ear.

YouGene is a one of a kind tool that can match any individual to over a thousand careers. This is essential as research shows that only 20% of people work in a job that is suited to their GBP.


YouGene is revolutionary.

It is an intelligent tool for Human Resources, integrating the latest technology and years of research into one system to give every worker the opportunity to learn their GBP and use said information to reach their full potential.

Dr Martins holds the sole patent for integrating the foot into the GBP, which gives a complete holistic view of an individual’s prole. YouGene generates a Prole based on Dr Martins’ work with valuable contributions from De Bono, Lozanov, Sperry, Paul MaClean, Dr Thomas Harris, Adikashvili, Shurgaya, Yzhikhova, Gainanova, Koroleva, Kevanishvili, Tomatis, Etimad, Eysenck, Cattell, D’Amo, Jensen, and Rogers.

Dr. Annette Martins

The Creator

Dr Annette Martins has extensively researched & developed a unique understanding of each possible Genetic Brain Organization Profile and the implications thereof, such as DEFINING STRESS. She has also defined stress from a physiological and medical basis which explains how each profile type handle everyday behavior and how the modalities will react stress.

Dr Martins has extensive experience as a professor, lecturer and researcher at various tertiary institutions with numerous publications to her credit. She obtained her first doctorate in 1996 in Curriculum studies from the University of Johannesburg, and in 2001 obtained a qualification as an Occupational Specialist with SHL/CEB. She is also a registered Health Practitioner has a doctorate in Change Management and Leadership with the University of Johannesburg, assisting candidates indentified as "High Flyers" to move quicker into more senior and executive positions.

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